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Different types of lightweight strollers

Different types of lightweight strollers

As we all know, a stroller is a chair on wheels, in which a baby can comfortably sit or sleep in. A stroller could be pushed through inside and outside the house, e.g. when the mother or father is out on the move for shopping etc. A stroller is generally used for babies from birth to toddler age.

Under best lightweight stroller, there are various kinds of strollers available in the market.  The baby’s safety and comfort of the parent is considered while one buys a stroller. For this reason alone, a good stroller is a must for a family.

The first 6 months to a year is the time when parents take the child in and out in their car frequently. A lightweight simple stroller is preferred. The stroller should also have the facility to attach with the car seat. The parent could carry the stroller on hand and move around by snapping the wheel and frame connection. This is very useful indeed while parents do their work and the baby its!

There is an alternative to such a stroller which is known as all-in-one system. This consists of an infant car seat, a car-seat base, and a stroller. This is heavy and takes more space than just a stroller frame, but when the baby reaches 6 months, he can sit up and control his head and neck movements. Here, you have the flexibility to use the stroller without the infant seat snapped in. These travel system strollers are costly, but a good value for your money because this could be used after your child grows to the infant level.

With a variation, a different system is also available, which is a versatile modular or combo stroller. This more or less resembles like an old-fashioned baby carriage that could be transformed into a regular stroller as the child grows. This can also be attached to the car seat, but in rare cases, you need alteration of the car seats to accommodate the stroller.

For a city dweller that frequently uses subways, buses and cabs, a lightweight but sturdy stroller that is compact and can fold quickly, is advised. A sturdy stroller which has larger tires would be easy to push.

A traditional and terrain stroller will have better shock-absorption, a three wheel configuration, and a seat that can give the baby more support. This will help the parents carry the baby to jogging spots.

You can buy a tandem or a side-by-side stroller if you have twin babies. Also, depending on the model and configuration, some of these can be used with children of different ages. These strollers selectively have a platform for the elder child to ride and the younger child to sit back and enjoy. As a safety precaution, there is seat built provided in the carrier of this stroller.

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