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Getting the best UV lights for drying nail gels

Getting the best UV lights for drying nail gels

UV light is available in rays emanating from the sun. It is responsible for tanning and is vital for life on earth. There are several cities in the world without adequate sunlight necessitating alternate arrangements for the inhabitants in their daily chore. One such apparatus is Ultra violet (UV) lamps, generally used to dry upafter the nail gel is applied on the finger nails. For any gel manicure, one needs a lamp with UV light.  UV rays are stronger in the UV lamp and the gel on the nails get harden in minutes. With technology advancements in various aspects of our life, we get to use some of the most sophisticated apparatus. Lampa UV could come under such a category and is useful for normal nail polishing and drying.

Why UV lamps?

Nail gels require easy and quick drying as otherwise, after its application on the finger tips, you will not be able to take on any work. The natural drying process takes a good lot of time if sun is kind and hence UV lamps are recommended to use. Here, the drying takes place in few seconds as you take your fingers and palm under the lamp. As otherwise, it is an effort where you need to be exposed to sun for the rays to come to your nails and dry the gel.  

The Internet is full of sites where UV lights of different sizes are available for you. It is one such place where you will get nails of various categories. There are plenty of lamps available with them with different temperature variants.

Given below are a few UV lamps which are on display in the market and most of them are available online.

1W LED lamps

  • Very portable and generally used when one is on travel.
  • Easy to dry out in 10 to 20 seconds, a particular finger can be used to dry.
  • Very convenient to use as you can enter the finger safely.
  • Runs on 3 AAA batteries.

UV lamp 36W W-8

  • Ideally equipped to introduce the whole hand at once.
  • There are linings of mirrors inside to increase the efficiency of LEDs.
  • There is a built-in timer also. Just 120 seconds after you insert the hand, the light will go off.

36W lamp with timer W-NF

  • Lined up with mirrors for better drying.
  • There is a tray also which is accessible in case of pedicures.
  • It has two timers in addition, one of 90 second and the other 120 seconds to better control the drying time.

36W UV Lamp with Fan and display W-9

  • A lamp in the category of UV Lamps professional.
  • A timer adjustable between 5 to 600 seconds fixed to select the time you want.
  • The whole lamp features a display of four neon 9W lamps.


This lamp has a 12W CCFL neon and a powerful 33W UV neon, due to which your nail drying time will be very short; say between 10 to 60 seconds.

All the above lamps have a lifespan of over 35,000 hours and are very competitively priced.