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Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Retail |

Take Advantage Of Store Mannequin Sale And Promote Your Business

Take Advantage Of Store Mannequin Sale And Promote Your Business

Mannequins are an important display tool for cloth retailers and depending upon how they are positioned and used, retailers can attract more customers and enhance their profit. There are several places to find a store mannequin sale, which includes the internet and companies that produce mannequins. There are businesses as well that manufacture unique mannequins as per your preferences.

Where You Can Find Store Mannequin Sale:

A display mannequin is generally a full-size dummy shaped like a person. A display mannequin normally comprises of all human body parts like a head, hands and feet. The mannequins are made of different materials, such as wood, fiberglass, plaster, or wax. Some manufacturers mass-produce the mannequins by producing thousands of similar mannequins. These mannequins are usually less expensive than the mannequins that are created according to your request.

Other mannequin sellers specialize in manufacturing unique mannequins that are normally more expensive, but are of very high quality and exclusive ones. Some of these manufacturers make and design their mannequins individually in order to ensure that they uphold the quality. Moreover, there are several websites that sell mannequins that are manufactured in their own company while others sell mannequins from renowned mannequin manufacturers all over the world. Apart from that, there are many mannequin sellers who sell refurbished and used mannequins at a discount rate. Most web-based mannequin dealers put up description and pictures of the mannequins they sell so that as a buyer you would know exactly what you are buying.

How Are Mannequins Used:

Mannequins are actually your store’s spokesperson. The first thing to determine if you do not have mannequins in your store is to sort the best ones to compliment your fashion store. You will have extensive options to choose from with everything available right from full-sized, lifelike models to stylized designs of specific body parts for instance, only feet to display shoes.

Life-sized models are typically the best choice for use in window displays, since they allow you to display the complete outfits to the shoppers. The mannequins can also be positioned in different ways to enable you to set it up in a way that is eye catching. One of the main benefits of using life-sized mannequins is that they can be used to showcase entire outfits together with many other accessories available in your store. By highlighting your latest collections, you will be able to encourage your customers to spend more by buying the entire outfits with accessories. Suggesting your collections in this way can be a subtle way to offer your customers with some ideas. You can persuade them to try out something new and add extra items to their shopping bags.

However, it is vital to decide where you will be placing the mannequins in the store, so you need to think cautiously about where they will look attractive and about how they can affect your customer’s movements around the store. You will have to place them in prominent places and you can also use plinths that elevate the mannequins. Plinths can be ideal, since that will enable the shoppers to see the ensembles from all around the store.

Overall, mannequins can be priceless and using mannequins to showcase your merchandise and endorse your business can be an amazingly profitable sales tactic, if done properly. There are a lot of places where you can find store mannequin sale – you can buy them from mannequin stores or off the Internet sellers that specialize in producing unique mannequins and promote your business to its highest level.