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Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Shopping |

The best diaper bags reviews: facts and features

The best diaper bags reviews: facts and features

Best diaper bags can be bought both by online and offline methods. These bags are available in different colors, sizes and shapes, and they are furnished with different technology. Some of the best diaper bags include:

  • The Storksak Olivia diaper bag is not just comfortable and stylish to carry, but it is also available in seven different colors. It is the one of the best diaper bags. The shape is ultra slim, and it is very attractive to look at, so, this bag is an obvious choice of the mothers. The grand combination of tote handles, and the removable shoulder strap regulates any friction on the shoulders and also reduces the weight and pressure on the shoulders. This diaper bag has a metal frame, and it is made from Nylon satin. Although it looks vary small, but this diaper bag has twelve pockets of different sizes for storing things of regular use.
  • The Fast Finder diaper bag from Fisher Price: although this bag costs very less than the other diaper bags available in the market, yet this bag has several features which make it popular among the buyers. It has an inbuilt wipe dispenser, and almost more than ten pockets which are both small and large, and these pockets can store many useful things. This diaper bag is from the renowned brand Fisher Price, so it is compact and durable, and it lasts for a long time, even if it is carried in sunny days, or during monsoons.
  • The Pickle Petunia Boxy Bottom diaper bag: these bags are so famous that almost all the mothers try to keep one Petunia Boxy diaper bag at their disposal. Their quirky and innovative designs, and their fine texture and intricate seams really make them durable and popular.

What are the different types of diaper bags?

Depending on their use, designs, texture and space, diaper bags can be classified into the following categories:

  • Tote bags, which are generally available with two shoulder straps which are cushioned, and also straps for the handle. The common tote bags just have one compartment, but the designer variations, and the higher versions of this bag can also have several pockets and compartments.
  • Backpacks: as the name suggests, these bags are carried on backs or shoulders. They are very popular with young mothers, and they generally do not look like diaper bags at all. In fact, they are furnished with one single long strap which can be furnished over the shoulder or across the chest.
  • Fashion bags are not just diaper bags, but they can also store fashion accessories, and necessary cosmetics, along with medicines for the baby, and baby food. They are generally available in many colors, sizes and shapes. These fashion bags are very small, and they do not occupy much space.

What are the features of good diaper bags?

The good diaper bags must have the following features:

  • They should have sufficient stroller option, and they should be furnished with cushioned straps and handles.
  • Good variety of diaper bags must come with changeable and folding pads.
  • They should have three to four external pockets, and also wipe dispenser.
  • They should be eco-friendly, and they should have an insulated pouch for holding bottles.