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Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in Thermal underwear |

Useful Tips to Buy A Wetsuit Top

Useful Tips to Buy A Wetsuit Top

We cannot think of going into the water without a wetsuit top. If a diver or a surfer goes without wetsuit he will be limited to a region where water will be warm. Now this aspect is very important for the divers because some of the underwater regions will be extremely cold. Probably a skintight & lightweight wetsuit that bears a look of a professional who excel in sports will be a perfect savior from the cold. It will also help to swim in a better way. However, in spite of all these advantages, there are divers who prefer not to wear a wetsuit top.

Various types of wetsuits are available; with some of them excel in handling cold temperature. A wetsuit with only top can prevent the upper part. Comparatively it is thin as well. It can be compared with a rash guard. Wetsuit has got neoprene which is thinner (1.5 mm) and is generally used in summers or places with tropical type of climate. A perfect example will be Caribbean islands where wetsuit only with top will be enough.

While purchasing a wetsuit several aspects have to be checked. The first thing needed to be checked is whether it is capable of insulation or not. It should be able to prevent water coming into the suit. The rubber in Neoprene acts as an insulator for most of the wetsuits. However, there is a brand called Henderson which uses “Aquasilk” technology, which is a combination of neoprene with fabric to offer additional warmth. Titanium can retain the heat inside the suit, which makes it 20 percent warmer than others. Neoprene used with air insulators also provides maximum protection against cold. Light wetsuits are always preferred to be used, due to the fabric used inside.

Second factor which should be considered is flexibility because that will make the movement underwater relatively easy. The materials used for wetsuit should be elastic enough, which will help to stay underwater for a longer duration. There is no way that the movement should be limited, because if the movement is limited, then it can lead to serious problems. Hence there should be free underwater movement. In this way, the lesser amount of energy will be required to move underwater, which will also keep away tiredness and fatigue. It will be also a very comfortable wear just like putting on a second skin. A wetsuit which is 5mm make you feel thinner compared to the 3mm one but it offers superior insulation, because of its elasticity. Neoprene rules in this matter as it can be stretched to a certain extent.

Most of the top manufacturers of wetsuits guarantee complete insulation and flexibility in under water, as we discussed these are the two most important factors to look for. Since most of the manufacturers are offering this it becomes a tough ask for a consumer to decide which one is suitable for him. May be one type of wetsuit manufactured by a particular brand has removed zipper while other has still got. Some of them pockets might be there. Although these features don’t add any technical value, but still can be a great inclusion.To find a wetsuit top on your budget, feel free to visit