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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Jackets |

Womens Military Jacket – A Sure Hit in Women

Womens Military Jacket – A Sure Hit in Women

The term ‘womens military jacket’ can be misleading, giving an impression it is limited to women, who are under the military service. Years back, one would not fancy the idea of wearing military jackets as it would draw unwarranted attention, by passers mistaking you as a military personnel etc. But now, those days are no more and women’s military jacket is trending in the fashion world. Every woman wants to have a military jacket in her closet. There are many types of military jackets and tall tees available making it so simple to try out this trendy outfit.

Things to consider in choosing a womens military jacket

There are a lot of designers launching different designs to keep themselves updated with the fashion. Women may be having a difficulty, as they have more varieties to choose from. But there are few factors one should consider before purchasing a military jacket. Always look for the type of material from which the jacket is made. A jacket lasts longer only if the materials used are durable. Every jacket comes with a label, where you can find the material type. Military jackets in leather are the most durable and appealing. They go well with any type of dressing, say a trouser or a skirt. Always make sure, you have tried the jackets and it fits you perfectly before buying them. Never go for the military jackets that are undersize or too big to compromise with your budget. Teens and younger women gets drawn to the designs wore by celebrities. Though they are more stylish, they come up with a heavy price tag.

Military jacket styles

1. Cargo jackets – They come in khaki or military green color, giving a contemporary feel. The versatility of these jackets lies in their design; numerous pockets, a hood, waist belt and roll-up sleeve feature. Cargo jackets look more alluring with jeans.

2. Majorette jackets – The designs are heavily inspired from the 19th century soldiers. The navy colored jackets bore buttons and pins for the unique identity during the Civil war. Staying updated to the current trend, majorette jackets are embroidered with brass buttons, beadings, gold braiding and epaulets. They look good with skinny jeans and flats.

3. Shearling collared jackets – Inspired from the 40’s military pilots, these aviator jackets keep you warm during the winter. The rugged jackets make a great pair with flowy dresses.

Things not to wear with womens military jacket

Don’t wear a scarf along with the military jacket. Scarves usually cover a major part of military features of the jacket. At times, weather conditions forces you to wear a scarf. In that situation, go for a neutral and simple scarf that has no patterns and designs. Also wear the scarf under your jacket, making you look more pleasing. Avoid wearing too many accessories like jewelry, long necklaces, handbags and purses. Additional accessories take away the attention from your military jackets. You can wear a military boot that goes well with your jacket.

Not all the jackets are fitting for all figures, so choose womens military jacket that is more stylish, affordable, durable and fit.