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Posted by on Jul 29, 2014 in Watches |

Your favourite watch brand

Your favourite watch brand

The main reason for people using a watch is to keep time. However with time, this has changed tremendously. All over the world, people buy watches for different reasons. When it comes to buying a new watch, it is difficult to decide for everyone, which is a fact. The difficulty lies in the compatibility of the new purchase with regards to personal needs, budget, style, and the best watch brands available at the same time.  Each person’s perception primarily depends on the physical aspects of the new watch. If considering for a man or a woman when choosing a watch, the following factors are highlighted.

Analog or Digital type

The analog clocks have a mechanism that indicates time with the help of mechanical structures. The digital watches run on a mechanism that indicate time by using electronic structures, such as LED or liquid crystal. Other information such as, chronograph, alarms, other time zones and date are displayed on digital watches. By looking at the position of the indicators in an analog watch, it is easy to read the time.

Quartz watches –


  • Lighting, thermometer, barometer, altimeter, compass etc
  • A battery electric spur oscillates at a stable frequency moving the hands of the clock by a fine quartz blade


  • Very good accuracy
  • Change of battery after every few years, hence low maintenance


  • Cheaper than mechanical

Mechanical watches –

Manual winding and automatic watches are the two categories of mechanical watches.

  • By turning the crown, the manual requires periodic return.
  • Due to a mechanical system, automatic watches don’t run on battery, while not requiring return
  • Acting as a spring motor, the provided disc rotates around its own axes with the slight movement of the hand.

You should know:

  • The crown is the most vulnerable point of a watch
  • The water resistance of the watch is affected by dynamic pressure besides static pressure by over wearing the watch
  • Soap when used to wash the hands, create a waterway inside the watch, by very small grains that are deposited around the crown and reach the seals
  • Dust are the cause to wear liners, as a moist watch retains dust easily
  • Sudden changes in temperature can be very harmful to the watch as water gets inside the watch with different coefficients of expansion and contraction of watch components

The beauty and physical outlook of certain individuals is enhanced by the wearing of a watch. It can also make an individual complete and comfortable.  It is for this reason that when with friends and companions, people prefers to wear their favourite watches so as to see themselves comfortable.

There are some sorts of watches that are good for both men and women.  In fact, both sexes depending on their choice can use the product, since most are highly classified as unisex. Also a wide array of selection of the various best brands available causes enough confusion as the customer is spoilt for choice.

Knowledge of the best quality type of watch available in the market is the first step when selecting a watch. Confusion arises for the choice of the best product, since several brands consistently maximize its circulation. Knowing more about these watches and features helps solve the riddle!